Kinder Schoko-Bons

It’s family time with cheeky Monsieur Bon!

Directed by Guy Goossens

Color-blocking with style and humor

Strange ways of a Land Rover.

Directed by Antonin B. Pevny


Wayfair UK
Next level family games

Interior designing at the next level: simply choose a piece you like best and win it.

Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch

Directress in the spotlight

Mireia is back with a splash of her new creative and emotionally diverse content!
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With the right grandpa, snow-free doesn’t mean fun-free. Join our Xmas Workshop!

Directed by Henry Mason

by Dean Blumberg

Dean Blumberg has been so busy that we have curated a fantastic compilation exclusively for you. Be sure to check out his work!👇


Wayfair UK
Home Improvement

Upgrade and repeat: browsing the wonderful world of home improvement for Wayfair, once again featuring equally wonderful Jamie Maule-ffinch.

Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch

Radio BOB!
Let there be rock

The long-awaited Vol. 2 of RADIO BOB!’s Rock Anthology is out now!🤘

Directed by Paul Weiss

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The multitude of choices

Lucky us: we teamed up with the fabulous British director and writer Jamie Maule-ffinch and got to play with Wayfair’s huge selection of decor and furnishings. The hunting season for the best Wayfair piece is open, all the time, whenever you are ready.
Wayfair like a pro 😉

Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch

We’re ready for take-off

The first brief was: „There is sex, there is murder and a car blows up.“, so we said: „No worries, we got this!“

The second season of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant ✈ starring Kaley Cuoco is landing with Embassy of Dreams as Service Production for 2 episodes & all things Berlin! 

Feel the closeness

We travel, without moving, to Center Parcs, with all the experiences and fun that can be had in one place.

Directed by FRAMED

Ignite the Gold in You

Ferrero Rocher is back and takes centre stage in this dancing piece directed by Hans Emanuel. The peppy track highlights Olivier Casamayou’s flashmob choreography, which is visually enhanced by the seamless gold flow.

Directed by Hans Emanuel

No place like home

Hug the rug, kiss that lamp, cuddle that pillow, as there is no other place like home!
We’re in love again.

Directed by Moritz Laube

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Nearly everyone in the team asked this question, as we filmed this TVC for BOSCH ATINO last summer, directed by Eric van Wyke. Well, dear friends, the spot is on air, you can buy it now.


As the open road called our name, we took a ride in our BMW. Directed by Mario Clement.

Deeper Blue

After being chased by a hurricane we went down to meet wild sharks on the seabed – in one single breath. Directed by our British friend James Morgan.

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