Rising to the Top

New work by our director Laurentius Emmelmann celebrating the OOKLA Fastest Internet/Speedtest Awards 2021 for Cyta.

Direction & cinematography by Laurentius Emmelmann

Ignite the Gold in You

Ferrero Rocher is back and takes centre stage in this dancing piece directed by Hans Emanuel. The peppy track highlights Olivier Casamayou’s flashmob choreography, which is visually enhanced by the seamless gold flow.

Directed by Hans Emanuel

Spot the difference?

Did you know that the only European tea plantation is just a few hours’ drive from Milan? Alex Avella shot it for Estathé’s new campaign + the drone footage in Malaysia.
We never noticed the difference!

From 2 to 1

Alex Avella’s back, after the To Guys directing duo sadly split up. But he is still with us and we look forward to the new adventures!


Nearly everyone in the team asked this question, as we filmed this TVC for BOSCH ATINO last summer, directed by Eric van Wyke. Well, dear friends, the spot is on air, you can buy it now.


We’re happy to welcome our new family member from London on board.
Director and storyteller Jonathan Pearson.

Please come back
when we are closed

Welcome to the Embassy site. No, we didn‘t include a sitemap or interactive help functions. Instead we tried to follow the path of simplicity. But if you come back at night, you‘ll find a totally different experience. You might even find yourself walking the thin line of thought between conciousness and dreaming.

Deeper Blue

After being chased by a hurricane we went down to meet wild sharks on the seabed – in one single breath. Directed by our British friend James Morgan.

Seriously Sprightly

UK’s latest and greatest young director Luke Bellis is the comedic mastermind behind quirky and clever visuals that make us laugh and cry at the same time. No wonder, we can’t take our eyes off his films.


Two brothers. Two dowdy mopeds. In his 7th feature film 25 km/h, director Markus Goller sends Bjarne Mädel and Lars Eidinger on a wild road trip from the Black Forest to the Baltic Sea. Now in German cinema.